Pumpkin and Blossoms by Teena Mills

March 27, 2018

Teena responded to Rhonda's recent Facebook post asking for images of completed patterns to share on our website.  Teena sent a picture of her rug and wrote: "This is a rug that I hooked in 2009. I purchased the pattern from Rhonda after I arrived at her studio, unannounced, when Hubby and I were on a business trip nearby.  Rhonda was so gracious and kind and I was delighted to see her beautiful rugs and studio. I entered this rug in the Texas State Fair and received a Blue Ribbon." 

Great story, Teena, and congratulations on your blue ribbon!  As I wasn't able to enlarge the picture of your rug without losing the resolution,I'm posting it here for everyone to enjoy.  Now we just need a picture of you with your blue ribbon!


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